Colour: Seal Point
DOB: January 15, 2014
Dam: Darlin'lil'Dolls Eden
Sire: Darlin'lil'Dolls Atticus

About Arwen: Arwen and her sister are two very valuable girls to our breeding program. Dixie, mother of Atticus, was one of our all time favorite cats. Unfortunately, we were never lucky enough to get a girl from her but we were blessed to get Atticus in her last litter. Atticus is the only cat we have to carry on these fantastic lines, and these are among the first kittens we have had from him. These girls are extremely important to us because they are some of the first girls we have that are different enough pedigrees from our fantastic boy, Eros. These girls, when old enough, will join him in his room. We expect to have fantastic kittens from this combination, combining many of our best and oldest Darlin'lil'Dolls lines.

Arwen is a suberb female. She is a very heavy set girl, already surpassing even her brothers in size we expect her to be very large. She has a gorgeous, big head with a fantastic ear set, gorgeous profile and extremely strong chin. She is also a super floppy, happy kitten. We are beyond happy to have these two girls to move ahead in our breeding program with.