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We often have retiring Ragdoll breeders who are looking for their forever homes.

For many people, a retired breeder may be the perfect match. Our retired breeders are an affordable alternative to adopting a kitten and are suitable for anyone. Retired breeders make the same excellent companions without having to go through a "kitten stage". This may be particularly suitable for some people.


All retired breeders leaving our home will have included:
• Veterinary health records
• All retired breeders will be altered
• Up-to-date vaccinations
• Registration papers

When enquiring about our retired breeders please advise if you have children, other pets and what your household is like. Certain cats will be better matches for certain people. If we have a cat suitable for you we will send photos and additional information on adopting our retired breeders. It is important that those adopting our retired breeders understand that our cats are used to quiet lives here. They live as part of a group of cats and adjusting to a new home can sometimes be hard on them. We find typically with our adult cats it takes about two weeks to settle into a new home. It is important you be patient with them and understand that all cats are individuals. Some will need more time than others! We will provide more information upon request.