Colour: Blue Bi-color
DOB: May 21st, 2015
Dam: Darlin'lil'Dolls Azalia
Sire: Darlinlildolls Magneto


About Blue Steel: This is Blue Steel, the traditional boy we have been working towards! In Azalia and Magneto's first ever litter together we were blessed enough to get a beautiful and perfectly marked blue bicolor boy. Blue Steel holds the strongest qualities of each parent, and with this boy both will now retire from our program.

Blue Steel has beautiful wide cheek pads, a super chin and profile, vibrant blue eyes and a long and soft coat. He is solidly built with strong boning. On top of that, he has a wonderful, easygoing demeanor and is always right in your face asking for attention!

We are very proud of this boy and look forward to using him in our traditional program. You can also see his sister, Darlinlildolls Silver Mercury who will also join our traditional breeding program!