Colour: Seal Mitted
DOB: April 27, 2014
Dam: Darlin'lil'Dolls Crystal Ivy
Sire: USApurrs Gunner of Darlin'lil'Dolls


About Kovu: Welcome Kovu! This boy is a fantastic combination of his parents. Kovu has small and rounded ears, a super scoop and extremely strong chin, a beautiful wide muzzle and a magnificent, robust body with super long and plush coat! On top of that he has an extremely laid back, happy demeanor. No matter when you pick him up he will melt in your arms...

Kovu was always a special kitten. While neither of his parents are above average in size, Kovu has always stood out as a very strongly built and BIG baby! This boy will, for many reasons, be a fanastic addition to our traditional breeding program.

We are very proud of this boy and very much look forward to continue watching his development and soon, what he will produce with some of our traditional (and possibly some non-traditional) females.