Colour: Seal Mitted
DOB: August 26, 2008
Dam: Darlin'lil'Doll's May Flowers
Sire: Darlin'lil'Doll's Dartanion


About Maverick: Maverick has over the years been one of our biggest assets to our breeding program. He is a stunning boy with beautiful blue eyes, an extremely strong chin, large head, great boning, scoopy profile, wide based ears and gorgeous wide muzzle. Not only is Maverick an extremely striking boy, but he also produces for us the most gorgeous kittens and some of our very best eye colour. We are so in love with this boy and best of all, he also has a 100% traditional pedigree! Maverick as of late has produced some of our all time nicest kittens. We have many plans coming up for him for both traditional and non-traditional litters.