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Feeding your Ragdoll

Know the ingredients of your cats food...

It is so common for people to think that the most advertized pet foods are quite simply the best. However, this is all too often the furthest thing from the truth. It seems that no matter what the reason, some of the most popular pet food brands are the foods that are far over priced for the quality that they actually hold. Too many people don't even take the time of day to read the labels of the food they buy! It is by this method that people end up feeding their pets food full of grains, by-products and even harmful chemicals such as BHA and BHT.

Many of these poor quality pet food brands label their foods with statements such as "Veterinarian Reccomended", yet by taking the time to read and do some basic research on the ingredients of such food you may find yourself questionning the validity of that statement. With some research you can usually find that it is more about the "monetary tie" that some veterinarians have with these foods. For whatever reason, consumers are largely left in the dark about what is in their pets food and are often misled by these false statements that are all over even the least quality of pet food products.

Another gimmic that has been around for some time now and still seems to be fooling some people is the "Breed Specific Diets" indicating that a Ragdolls diet may somehow vary from that of a Maine Coon. All cats should be fed a high protein, low carbohydrate food because, quite simply put, all cats are carnivores. It is also important to take other things such as whether harmful chemicals have been used into consideration.

DO NOT JUST READ LABELS! It is important that you don't just read a label that reads "Natural" or "Veterinarian Reccomended" and decide that this is the food you will feed your beloved pet, take the time to turn it over and read through the ingredients. Seeing things such as corn (also now being called maize in order to trick people), by products, rice, wheat, barley or any other carbohydrates in large amounts should be regarded skeptically. These are all cheap ingredients that save money in the processing plants.

Remember that the ingredients listed on labels is listed by descending weight proportions. So, it is always good to see meat products listed first.

What we feed our Ragdolls

We feed only high quality, grain free food...

It is important to provide your Ragdoll with the best diet you can to keep them in peak condition and to avoid expensive vet bills. All of our cats are fed Orijen (Chicken Formula), a grain free cat food high in protein and made only with meats "fit for human consumption". This award-winning pet food was a no-brainer choice for a food fit for our Ragdolls. Please visit the Orijen Website for more information about this spectacular food.

We feed mainly dry food, but it is always reccomended that your cats diet contain some wet food as well. We feed our cats Wellness Chicken Formula. Not only is this an amazing and all-natural food, but our cats love it!

Some other recommended and high ranking foods are:
• Blue Wilderness
• Innova EVO
• Wellness
• Taste of the Wild
• Fromm

PLEASE CHECK OUT THIS WEBSITE FOR IN DEPTH ANALYSIS AND RATING OF ALL FOODS. The website is made for dog foods, but almost all content is applicable to these brands cat foods as well.