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Grooming your Ragdoll

Start grooming your Ragdoll from day one...

It is important that you get your Ragdoll accustomed to the entire process of grooming. At the time your Ragdoll kitten leaves our home we will have already been brushing them as well as clipping their nails. It is important that you continue these routines with your Ragdoll. It is always best to get them used to these procedures while they are still young. If you never clip your cats nails or groom them during their kitten stages, you will find the task gets much harder for an adult that is not used to being handled. You will save youself a lot of time and frustration if you put in a little work while they are still young.

Remember that you want to make the experience of being groomed as pleasurable as possible. Be gentle, if you are too rough with your cat while grooming they will think of it as an unpleasant experience and will only give you problems down the road. When you finish grooming your cat offer praise and even possibly treats. By this method you should never have any issues with grooming your Ragdoll. They are very laid back cats and most even enjoy being groomed and getting the attenion - as long as it is something that they are used to!

How to groom your Ragdoll

The Basics...

Although Ragdolls have a generally non-matting coat, grooming is still important to remove dead hair and to prevent hairballs. The most essential tools in grooming a Ragdoll's coat are a wide-toothed comb and a slicker brush. These two brushes are all that you will ever need to properly groom your Ragdoll. It is recommended to brush your Ragdoll once a week. This does not take long at all but prevents any matts from starting. Make sure to comb armpits, behind ears, and neck fur thoroughly as these are areas that commonly mat. If your Ragdoll has already developed a mat, groom gently. You do not want to make it a painful experience because the next time you go to groom, it is very likely your cat will be much less tolerant. Always remember to make the whole process a pleasant experience. Ragdolls who never have had bad experiences generally quite enjoy being brushed. The importance of grooming frequently is that your cat does not develop mats and that you are able to keep grooming sessions short and enjoyable!

Clipping your cats nails is an essential part of grooming your Ragdoll. This should be done every couple of weeks to ensure that their nails don't get too long.

To trim your cats nails simply hold one of the paws in your hand and press on the pad of the foot to extend the claws. It is important that your cat be still during this process. Next just take your nail clippers and cut the nail halfway between the quick (the pink tissue within the claw that is usually visible) and the tip of the claw. The best way to do this is with your clippers positioned vertically to avoid splintering your cats claws.

NEVER CLIP YOUR CATS NAILS IF THEY ARE NOT STAYING STILL! If your cat will not stay still start with just going through the motions of clipping their nails without actually doing it. Offer praise and treats for good behaviour. When your cat does this without any struggle it is only then that you should attempt to trim their claws. If you mistakingly clip the quick it will cause bleeding. However, this should subside rather quickly. Always be sure to comfort your cat if this happens. Try to avoid him/her associating it with an unpleasant experience.