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Cat Litter

Finding a litter

It is important to find a litter that is not only suitable for you, but also healthy for your cat. We do not reccomend clay litters as these produce large amounts of dust which can be harmful when ingested. Instead, we suggest using a more natural litter. We are currently using a pine pellet litter that we are able to purchase in bulk. There are many brands that sell pine litter, so this will be very easy to find at any pet store. However, pine litter needs to be changed quite regularly, or your cat will be tracking little wood chips throughout the house! For this reason, many people opt for a litter that will cause less tracking. It is a good idea to have some pine pellets on hand when your kitten first arrives home. A sudden change in litter can confuse your kitten and make them unsure where they are supposed to go to the bathroom. It is reccomended that you sprinkle some pine litter on top of whichever litter you have chosen to use until your kitten is used to his or her new litter.

Our Brands of Choice

Some of our favorite brands are Yesterdays News, which is a paper pellet cat litter, and World's Best Cat Litter which works as a natural clumping litter without all the dust. Click on the links to learn more about these brands.